AI Chatbot for sales - the 2024 guide

January 5, 2024

AI Chatbot for sales

AI chatbots on websites have tons of benefits - and perhaps the most practical and visible benefits are the ones that AI chatbots bring to sales departments.

47% of consumers are open to buying items through a chatbot - and chatbots can answer 80% of standard questions, including pre-sales inquiries. This makes a compelling case for the creative application of chatbots in your sales strategy.

We’ll go over the top ways of using website chatbots for e-commerce sales, B2B sales, and other best practices. You can do most of that with Chatbit - it’s easy to install and can be added to your site in under 3 minutes.

Sales chatbot in B2B and services

Leveraging AI chatbots for B2B sales needs a strategic approach that focuses on enhancing customer experience, streamlining the sales process, and providing value at every interaction. 

One effective strategy is to use chatbots for lead qualification. By asking the right questions, chatbots can help identify high-quality leads and direct them to the sales team. This saves time and allows the sales team to focus on leads with the highest conversion potential.

With Chatbit, you can browse all the past interactions in the backend:

Another strategy is to use chatbots for personalized service recommendations. Based on the information gathered from the customer, chatbots can suggest packages or services that best meet their needs. 

Chatbots can also be used to automate follow-ups. In the B2B sales cycle, follow-ups are crucial for nurturing leads and closing deals. Chatbots can send timely reminders, follow-up messages, and updates to keep the lead engaged and move them further down the sales funnel.

Providing instant customer support is another effective strategy. B2B customers often require immediate assistance, and chatbots can provide real-time responses to their queries. This improves customer satisfaction and also builds trust and credibility.

Finally, chatbots can be used for data collection and analysis. They can gather valuable insights about customer behavior, preferences, and experience, which can be used by your sales department. This data-driven approach does not directly boost sales but gives you amazing audience-centric ideas for new sales strategies and tactics.

Sales chatbots in e-commerce

Recommend products

There are two ways to go here - either have your website chatbot pitch complimentary products based on the visitors’ interests and other purchases or have it pitch your store-wide best-sellers to each and every customer.

Chatbots can also use cross-selling and upselling techniques to boost sales. For instance, if a customer is looking at a laptop, the chatbot might suggest a compatible mouse or a laptop bag (cross-selling). Alternatively, it might recommend a higher-end laptop model (upselling). This way, your AI website chatbot can increase the average transaction value.

AI chatbots can also pitch products by offering real-time assistance. If a visitor has a question about a product, the chatbot can provide immediate answers, reducing the chances of the visitor leaving the website due to lack of information. This immediate response can help to convert inquiries into sales.

Answer shipping Faqs

Nowadays most e-commerce websites offer global shipping, which is why there are often many shipping-related questions and challenges.

If your customers are unable to find answers about shipping, two things can happen: a potential clog in your customer service due to all the messages and calls, and possible loss of customers to your competitors. None of these are desirable outcomes for you.

You can train Chatbit to answer shipping questions using data sources like documents, plain text briefs, and knowledge base URLs.

Work to prevent cart abandonment

Train your chatbot to send out reminders to customers who have left items in their cart without completing the purchase. Not only can these reminders prod them to finalize their purchase - it can also suggest additional complimentary products.

Chatbots can easily use scarcity and urgency tactics to pitch products. Train your Shopify store chatbot to provide enticing deals such as discounts and time-limited offers.

Boost customer satisfaction by anticipating potential questions. By being proactive at the checkout stage, you are more likely to see an increase in your shopping cart conversion rate.

Chatbots can also simplify the checkout process by guiding customers through each step. They can answer questions about shipping, taxes, and payment methods, removing any potential obstacles that could lead to cart abandonment. A chatbot on your website is a cheap and easy way to add extra help to all your store visitors at once without hiring more support or sales reps.

Lastly, AI chatbots can gather valuable data on why customers abandon their carts. By analyzing this data, you will gain valuable insights into common issues and work to address them. This can lead to improved website design, better product offerings, and ultimately, lower cart abandonment rates.

Boost brand trust

Building trust with your eCommerce customers is key to securing repeat business and driving up customer lifetime value. Using a chatbot can help improve this metric immensely.

With a chatbot, you can offer prompt empathetic responses at all hours, and this can make you stand out from your competition.

AI chatbots can boost brand trust on eCommerce websites by providing consistent and accurate information. The best chatbots can be programmed to know every detail about a product or service, ensuring that customers always receive correct and reliable information.

AI chatbots can also provide personalized recommendations based on a customer's browsing history or past purchases. This can make customers feel valued and understood, which can increase trust in the brand. It also shows that the brand is committed to meeting individual customer needs.

Can AI chatbots replace sales agents?

Website chatbots are amazing for producing standard responses, qualifying leads, and gathering data about your target market’s challenges and preferences. If you are a DTC brand with large website traffic, a properly trained Chatbit installation can move the needle in your sales revenue.

However, an AI chatbot might not be ideal for high-ticket sales where human expertise in sales is what matters the most.

We’ve designed Chatbit to be valuable for sales departments in all industries and business types. With the simple no-code installation and data-rich backend you can have an experienced sales rep step in at any point, contact the prospective customer, and finalize the deal.

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