Benefits of website chatbots accessible to all businesses

December 16, 2023

Benefits of chatbots

Website chatbot benefits businesses of any size

Website chatbots have proved to be effective for businesses of all sizes - from small startups to large corporations.

For small businesses with limited resources, chatbots are a life-saver that helps increase online presence and offer customer support with minimal investment. 

For larger businesses, on the other hand, website chatbots help scale lead generation, boost user engagement, and unify brand messaging across multiple web properties.

Growing companies can also use chatbots to manage the increasing customer base efficiently. 

In other words, no matter the size of the business, implementing a chatbot on the website can enhance operational efficiency, improve customer service, and drive your growth.

Consumers love website chatbots more and more as well. A study by Facebook found that 53% of customers prefer to shop with businesses they can message directly, and they pick messaging over calling.

While websites in all industries can win with chatbots, e-commerce businesses take, perhaps, the most advantage. AI chatbots in online stores automate customer interactions, handle inquiries round-the-clock, provide customers with product recommendations, and overwatch transactions. Online retailers find chatbots invaluable for their 24/7 availability, which means they can serve customers around the globe without downtime.

Healthcare is yet another sector where chatbots make a significant impact. They help set up appointments, provide basic health advice, and deliver reminders for medication. A trained medical professional can step in and take communication to the next stage after the chatbot has qualified the client. 

The finance and banking sectors also gain from deploying chatbots. AI tools help automate responses for common customer queries regarding transactions and account details, boost security of communications, and much more.

Let’s go over the specific benefits of website chatbots - and how Chatbit helps you get the most out of your conversational bot.

Benefits of website chatbots

24/7 Customer Support

Chatbots are tireless and can provide round-the-clock support to customers. A conversational AI chatbot on your website can instantly respond to frequently asked questions and guide users through their journey as customers.

This reduces wait time and enhances customer experience.

In many ways, chatbots are superior to human customer support representatives. 

Here’s a list of the main reasons:

  • Chatbots instantly process and respond to customer inquiries, which drastically reduces the response time. 

  • Chatbots work without breaks or holidays, so your business has real-time assistance at any point in time.

  • Chatbots aren't subject to mood swings or personal bias. They consistently provide a level-headed service, which only strengthens your brand's image and customer relations. You can train Chatbit to have a consistent voice in all conversations, and you can be sure the bot will stick to that voice.

  • A website chatbot can also handle multiple conversations simultaneously, so you can scale your service and prepare for customer inflow due to virality and successful marketing campaigns.

  • Website chatbots are immune to the risk of human error. By relying on top-of-the-line artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, chatbots provide accurate information every time.

  • Modern website chatbots like Chatbit have the ability to recall and learn from previous interactions - this makes them more and more efficient over time. If you have high employee turnover, training every new support rep from scratch can be very taxing.

  • Chatbit has multi-language support - and you have 85 languages to pick from. Needless to say this will save you thousands in salaries for local representatives.

While human touch can add value in specific situations, the efficiency, scalability, and consistent error-free support of chatbots make them the best option for most businesses.

Cost Efficiency

Research conducted by Juniper Research claims that chatbots have saved businesses over $8 billion per year since 2022. This financial benefit is due to the automation and efficiency that chatbots bring to customer service and support. We can only predict that this amount will double or triple in 2023. 

The more advanced conversational AI chatbots become, the more you can delegate to them.

Data Collection and Analysis

Chatbots gather valuable data about customers, their behavior, preferences, and problems. 

Through data collection and analysis, chatbots can identify customer preferences and behavior, allowing for targeted promotions or deals. 

Your business can leverage this data for product launches, marketing campaigns, and enhancing customer service.

Sales Boost

Chatbots can suggest relevant products and services to consumers based on their browsing patterns and past purchases, driving sales and revenue.

You can train AI chatbots to take advantage of numerous advanced sales techniques to optimize customer engagement and transactions. 

Real-time chat assistance, personalized product or service recommendations, upselling or cross-selling strategies - all of that can and will boost your revenue. 

Website chatbots can also use re-engagement techniques like sending reminders of abandoned shopping carts or following up on past interactions. 

All these techniques lead to a more interactive and productive shopping experience, and that boosts conversion rates and customer loyalty.

Easy onboarding

Once you deploy Chatbit, you can train it to help onboard users and clients. 

For starters, an AI chatbot is ready to greet every visitor with a warm, instant response. The greetings are personalized according to the tone you’ve picked for your chatbot, and that gives customers the feeling of being important and acknowledged.

AI chatbots can guide users through the website and whatever setup process you have. They answer questions, explain terms, and even give a step-by-step guide, so the user experience becomes as smooth as possible. 

As a result, your users don't get frustrated and abandon the process midway.

These chatbots can also handle multiple users simultaneously. No one has to wait in long queues for their turn, and onboarding to your product or service becomes efficient. 

Chatbots communicate in simple language and provide instant answers, easing the communication for users. They improve user engagement by providing immediate assistance.

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