Free AI chatbots for your website - know what to expect

December 11, 2023

Free AI website chatbots

What are chatbots for websites and how are they used

AI Chatbots are powerful tools that can dramatically improve many aspects of your business’s online presence. There are many free options for website AI chatbots, and we’ve tried most of them while working on Chatbit.

Most of the time free AI chatbots are used to answer common queries of website visitors, handle simple tasks, and guide your visitors through your website. All of that leads to enhanced customer satisfaction and loyalty, and you can tweak a free AI chatbot to serve any business needs you might have.

These are the most common applications of free AI chatbots:


An AI chatbot on your website helps take care of numerous marketing tasks. You can set up your conversational bot to grow email newsletter subscribers, run promotions, push social media campaigns, and study the true needs of your customer audience. 

Please see our detailed guide on AI chatbots’ role in online marketing.


Sales teams see a lot of help from free AI chatbots as well. 

The conversational AI technology allows you to engage with many potential customers simultaneously, which helps save a lot of money on sales reps and qualify potential customers.

A free AI chatbot on your website can answer visitors’ questions, address their concerns, and build trust, which is a crucial factor in encouraging sales. A website chatbot means round-the-clock service since it proactively interacts with your visitors at any time of day or night. This is usually a great supplement to your existing sales team's efforts and you can fine-tune your AI chatbot to do any kind of sales-related work.

Chatbots are also exceptional at gathering valuable customer data and tracking user behavior; this data can be applied to improve your sales strategy. Understanding the customer's needs and preferences will enable you to personalize your sales approach.

Customer support

Customer support is one of the main and most obvious applications of a free AI chatbot on your website. Having a chatbot means you have a customer support manager online 24/7, a representative who’s never out, tired, moody, or under the weather. Any visitor landing on your website can get a response to their query instantly, and if you’ve trained your AI chatbot well the responses are meaningful and valuable.

An AI chatbot can be trained to provide information about your products or services, answer frequently asked questions, process orders, and even handle grievances.

Most Chatbit customers are reporting improved customer satisfaction and revenue growth after installing and training Chatbit. Even the free version of our product helps you reduce response time and act effectively.

Lead generation

If your main goal at this point is to generate leads, implementing a free chatbot on your website can be a game-changer. Since Chatbit uses modern conversational AI, it can communicate effectively, sustain a meaningful conversation, and even empathize with your website visitors. That means it can guide them through the necessary questions and store their data for you to extract later.

With the free Chatbit version, lead qualification no longer requires you to rely on data entry assistants in different timezones - you get an assistant that’s always on and always putting in the best work.

Are there truly free AI chatbots?

Most AI chatbots for websites have free versions - but you should look for transparency the most.

Always study the free plan terms and the cost of the premium features. This way, you'll know exactly what to expect, you can effectively plan for any upgrades if needed, and, most importantly, prevent any unwelcome surprises.

Watch out for pricing plans based on usage credits - always have a clear idea about what takes up a credit and what does not.

The free plan at Chatbit is pretty straightforward - you can set up and have an AI chatbot on your website absolutely free, and the free plan includes 100 messages per month. Most of our users report that it’s more than enough to understand the value the tool brings.

How do I integrate a free chatbot on my website?

There are pre-made chatbot solutions for all CMS and website builders, but keep in mind that you may want to stick to a simple and elegant solution that allows you to integrate the chatbot without coding or worrying about APIs.

The free version of Chatbit lets you add a chatbot to your website in minutes, then customize it, and use megabytes of plain text or documents to train it.

Remember, it's vital to test the functionality of your chatbot thoroughly to make sure there are no glitches or downtime. The good news is that Chatbit is thoroughly tested in-house and we prioritize quality control.

Top free AI chatbots for your website


We’ve built Chatbit exactly because we were looking for an elegant, effective, and powerful AI chatbot solution for our websites. Chatbit is easy to train, set up, customize, and work with - even the non-techie member of your team will be able to easily fine-tune it and extract data from it.

Our free version gives you 100 free chatbot messages per month and allows you to capture leads - enough to get you started and serve all the basic conversational AI needs for your website chat. 

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Verloop is a platform with a flexible and scalable framework, with capabilities to automate marketing, sales, and support functions, Verloop does a decent job of freeing up your team's valuable time.

This bot is mostly created for e-commerce businesses’ chatbot needs. It's designed to provide instant replies, improving customer service and boosting sales.


Great for businesses of all sizes, Chatling offers real-time customer interaction, integrating artificial intelligence to offer instant responses to customer queries.

There are many other free AI chatbots for your website, and most of them offer similar features.

Chatbit is designed to be the most user-friendly and scalable solution, and we continuously improve it to conform to the highest test standards. See for yourself and create your account today!

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