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December 18, 2023

No-code chatbots

What is no-code

No-code is a method that lets people without coding abilities craft applications & software. Basically, it’s like working with a digital Lego set. 

No-code products use visual interfaces and ready-made elements that can be slid into place without worrying about what exactly is under the hood. 

With no-code platforms, since you simply use drag-and-drop features, pre-set templates, and straightforward logic rules, you save a lot of time for development and testing. 

That’s exactly how we’ve designed the Chatbit backend and what our clients love about the product the most.

Benefits of no-code

No-code puts software development within everyone's reach. We’ve created Chatbit to be accessible even to business owners with minimal tech skills.

This means being efficient, quick, and agile, which is ideal for small business owners. You want to a) be flexible in your solutions b) implement them fast, and c) test before you invest.

No-code development of Chatbit reduces business costs, since you don’t need to hire developers or outsource chatbot development to obscure off-shore companies. 

You’d be amazed at how easy and fast it is to whip up a working chatbot on your website, and at the amount of time and money you save with us.

You can set up, customize, and train your AI website chatbot in minutes. This means you can start seeing the value of your Chatbit subscription the same day, which is an amazing ROI for any business.

Types of website chatbots

Website chatbots come in various forms, each designed with unique functionality and purpose. 

Let’s go over all the major chatbot and explain what makes Chatbit stand out. 

Rule-based chatbots

This is the most basic type of chatbots. 

They are pre-programmed to respond to specific commands or questions. 

While they offer limited interaction, rule-based bots are reliable for providing preset responses to frequently asked questions or directing users to the appropriate resource. In other words, rule-based chatbots never go wrong - but they also don’t ever go beyond your instructions.

AI-powered chatbots

Driven by artificial intelligence, these bots have the ability to learn from user interactions and data you’ve used to train them. Chatbit is an AI chatbot. 

AI website chatbots can understand context, handle complex requests, and provide personalized responses. 

AI chatbots are not bound by pre-set rules but improve with each interaction, which makes them perfect for businesses that seek to provide a more interactive and human-like experience to their consumers.

Most AI chatbots use an external service to source the machine learning power. Chatbit is built upon the latest OpenAI’s ChatGPT engine - the de-facto standard of modern conversational AI.

Live chat bots

These chatbots connect the user with a human representative in real time. In a way it’s just a way to have a live rep connect with website visitors the old-school way.

Live chat bots are primarily used for more complex inquiries that AI chatbots cannot handle. 

Live support plays a vital role in customer service because it helps you solve tricky issues and establish a human connection. However, live reps cost a lot more than chatbots and have a limit to the number of requests they can handle per day. 

Hybrid chatbots

As their name suggests, hybrid bots blend elements of rule-based, AI-powered, and live chat bots. 

They combine the predictability of rule-based bots, the contextual understanding of AI bots, and the human touch of live chat bots. This trifecta allows businesses to provide a comprehensive customer experience like no other.

Choosing the right type of chatbot for your business depends on your unique needs and goals – whether it's to streamline customer service, drive engagement, or simply to field common questions. 

Chatbit is the most well-rounded, universal solution that’s perfect for any business that never had any live support on their website up till now.

Implementing our AI website chatbots

Modern website chatbots have become absolutely accessible to all businesses, regardless of their size or sector.

One of the standout features of Chatbit is our 'no-code' implementation. You don't need any technical expertise or coding skills to integrate our chatbot on your website. 

With Chatbit's intelligent architecture and user-focused design, you get the power to deliver superior customer service, gather insightful data, and efficiently manage customer interactions in just a few clicks.

Just sign up to Chatbit (you can start free) follow the straightforward instructions, and get your chatbot up and running swiftly. It's just a little bit more complex than setting up an email account.

Chatbit is not only easy to customize and train but also effortlessly embeddable into your existing business website. No matter how you’ve built the site, you can paste simple code onto the page and have Chatbit greet every visitor with the tone and information you’ve set.

Since Chatbit is built using machine learning algorithms, you can pick a tone of voice it will be using in conversations, and you can train it using any type of SOPs or business data you wish. Chatbit supports training based on .pdf, .txt, .doc, .docx files, plain text instructions, or just a completed Q&A survey.

The 'no-code' approach eliminates the time-consuming busy work that most small business owners dread so much. If you’re like most of our clients, you value quick and seamless installation and the hands-free action of the tools you use, so you will love Chatbit. 

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