AI chatbot for customer support - the best practices list

December 23, 2023

AI chatbots for customer support

Chatbots on websites have been revolutionizing customer support, and the stats regarding them have been extremely impressive. 

The estimates are that 80% of customer inquiries can be resolved by chatbots, especially AI chatbots if you tune them right. 

Moreover, chatbots can reduce customer wait times by up to 90% which dramatically boosts customer satisfaction and leads to revenue increase. 

Most chatbot website implementations can save up to 30% in customer support costs - that leaves more funds to spend on marketing and business developments.

We’ve crafted Chatbit to be a helpful customer support solution, and we’ll now list how all the customer support capabilities translate into practical techniques for your support department..

24/7 Available in all timezones

First and foremost, AI chatbots are available 24/7, offering round-the-clock support to your customers. 

This ensures that none of your customers' inquiries ever fall through the cracks, regardless of their timezone or pre-set business hours. 

Moreover, AI chatbots can handle multiple queries at once, which makes your customer support super-efficient.

Once you sign up for Chatbit and install it on your website, remember to use it to update your customer support team’s scheduling, and reduce the load from your top team members.

Guide customers through FAQs, Knowledge Base, and website content

AI website chatbots are incredibly efficient in navigating customers through your support knowledgebase and website content.

If you have extensive customer support materials, make sure you train Chatbit to be aware of them.

We’ve seen the best-trained implementations of Chatbit doing a great job guiding website visitors to relevant support articles, FAQs, product pages, or even blog posts. 

From basic inquiries to intricate support questions, chatbots can quickly direct users to the right resources, which saves time for both your team and your customer.

Multilingual support

AI-driven chatbots are highly proficient multilingual communicators. Chatbit supports 85 languages in real-time, and no matter how your customers address it, they will get the right answer. 

This helps achieve a greater reach of your customer support and scale without hiring. 

With the ability to communicate in various languages, AI chatbots help you reach a larger, global audience, thus potentially increasing your customer base.

Needless to say, an AI chatbot is many times cheaper than hiring regional customer support reps. Even the free chatbot version allows multilingual support so give it a try today!

Effective customer data gathering

An AI chatbot on your website can help you quickly gather customer support data from visitors. This data can include any information necessary for customer support teams - order numbers, shipping tracking, software logs, screenshots, and a lot more.

A live rep can conveniently go through all the chats and view the submitted information in the Chatbit backend to use it.

Once the customer support is taken care of, Chatbit can help with other data collection for lead generation, profiling, and marketing purposes.

Learning capabilities

AI chatbots like Chatbit leverage their capability to continuously learn and evolve from every interaction, which makes them progressively smarter and more effective at handling future queries. 

Unlike pre-programmed decision tree chatbots of the past, AI chatbots can find their way through custom and unique questions.

Personalize shopping suggestions, upsell, and cross-sell

One of the great ways AI website chatbots help with pre-sales customer support is they can provide personalized shopping suggestions, along with jumping on upselling and cross-selling opportunities. 

AI chatbots can use your training material on customer audiences and recommend products tailored to each customer's tastes and needs.

As AI chatbots converse with your customers, they can subtly introduce new products or premium versions of items the customers already exhibit interest in, so your customer support department helps boost the sales too.

Alternatively, AI chatbots can 'cross-sell' by suggesting complementary items to the ones that customers are considering. By doing this, they are enhancing the shopping experience while increasing the average transaction value.

These strategic upselling and cross-selling techniques lead to increased sales, customer satisfaction, and customer loyalty. Be sure to be transparent with how you handle customer data to build trust and maintain a positive customer relationship.

Run promos and coupons

AI website chatbots can be an extremely useful tool when it comes to handling coupons and promotions. They can be programmed to recognize certain triggers, such as inquiries about sales or discounts, allowing them to automatically provide users with relevant deals. 

Chatbots can also help you keep track of individual customer spending habits. This allows you to send personalized coupons directly through the chat interface based on the customer's previous purchases or website activity. 

Another potential benefit of chatbots is the capability to handle large quantities of coupon codes or promotional offers. The AI chatbot can efficiently manage and distribute these codes to the customers. This eliminates the need for customer service representatives to spend valuable time handling these tasks. 


Another key advantage of AI chatbots for customer support lies in how cost-effective website AI chatbots are. 

You can deploy a robust and modern chatbot on your website for $100 - see the chatbot pricing page - which is many times cheaper than having just one customer support rep, let alone a whole department.

Even if you have a customer support department already, a chatbot offers an amazing backup solution that lets you escalate complicated queries to a live rep.

You will still need some human supervision over your chatbot, especially while training it. However, with time you can have more and more of your customer support team move to bigger and better projects within your company.

Also, keep in mind that your website chatbot does not take breaks, ask for vacations, or call in sick. So, you can rely on them to consistently keep your customer support operational.

Branding and voice 

Last but certainly not least, Chatbit can be programmed to have a human-like conversation flow, thus maintaining a friendly and welcoming tone in every customer interaction. This can make your customers feel valued and, undeniably, improves customer experience.

Remember: all the best AI chatbots are not just customer support tools; they are your brand ambassadors that reach out to your customers across the globe, speaking their language, and making them feel valued. 

Empower your business with AI chatbot proficiency for an elevated customer support experience.

Sign up to Chatbit today and see how easy it is to set up and implement!


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