Website chatbots for marketing - the tactics and strategy

December 13, 2023

Website chatbots for marketing

Marketing is one of the best use cases for AI chatbots, and the opportunities for chatbots installed on websites are limitless. 

According to Facebook, 63% of people prefer messaging customer service instead of emailing or calling it. 

An AI chatbot on your website presents a cheap and effective way to have a marketing rep on your site that’s available 24/7 and always consistent in their messaging.

Let’s go over all of the main ways AI chatbots on websites can be used to market your products and services.

Marketing tactics for AI chatbots

Offer discounts and promotions

This one is simple and obvious - have your AI website chatbot pitch a deal, a product type, or a whole category. 

Depending on how the chat with the website visitor goes, the conversational AI behind Chatbit can spot opportunities and pitch coupon codes you are running for select products or services.

This helps convert people on the fence and gets you a sale that would not happen otherwise.

Get emails and add them to lists

Chatbit can capture all types of leads, and growing your email list subscribers count becomes extremely easy if that’s one of your marketing goals. 

Your website visitors can even segment themselves into different lists with a proper question sequence from the chatbot.

Get reviews, contests & social media engagement

AI chatbots can easily direct your website’s visitors, or at least some of them that fit a certain description to any other external activity you want them to take part in.

Have your chatbot encourage certain types of visitors to leave reviews, vote for your brand, or participate in social media activities. With a properly trained chatbot vetting the right audiences and selecting proper calls to action for them becomes easy.

Normally you don’t want to lead people away from your website, but sometimes if you’re running a marketing campaign elsewhere it’s good to leverage visitors to informational content on your blog.

Improve and personalize user experience

According to a McKinsey report, businesses that personalize their offers increase their revenue by 40%.

Personalization comes down to giving your users better outcomes that align with their interests, goals, and values. An AI chatbot can help people find things they are looking for, track their orders, suggest complementary products, offer location-based tweaks to their orders, and a lot more.

Lead generation, nurturing, and conversion

If lead generation is an essential part of your marketing strategy, an AI chatbot on your website can help with every stage of it. With a simple and natural conversation, Chatbit can qualify leads, extract their information, and store it for you to export later.

Engage customers in a unique way

A chatbot can communicate with emojis, memes, specific lingo or wording. Think festive wording, hobby- or industry-specific jargon, or jokes.

A live rep can do that too, but only an AI chatbot stays consistent and is always in a good mood for that, if you train it right. It also goes without saying that a chatbot can talk to many visitors at once and costs exponentially less than full-time employees.

Gain customer insights

An AI chatbot on your business website can help get valuable customer insights without having to ask your visitors to email, complete surveys, or fill out forms. A proper sequence of questions will let you gather all the necessary data that you will later process and base decisions upon.

Improve the SEO of your website

This is a less obvious marketing application of an AI chatbot on your website but nonetheless a very effective one. Modern search engine optimization depends on website visitors’ behavior such as time spent on a page, and bounce rate (the number of people closing the page or going back to search results right away).

With a properly set up conversation tone and questioning you can make people stay on your website pages longer. The bot can also suggest links to other pages of your website for further reading. Google tracks all of that behavior through Google Analytics data, and once your behavioral KPIs improve, your website gets rewarded with higher rankings on Google search results.

Building your website chatbot marketing strategy

Just getting an AI chatbot for your website is not enough - you need to train it properly so it works to get you closer to whatever marketing goals you have at the moment. 

Let’s go over some practical tips that will help you build an effective website chatbot marketing strategy.

Acknowledge & plan

First things first, make sure all of your team is on the same page with the capabilities of your new tool. An AI chatbot on a website is a powerful marketing tool that can do things unavailable to you before, so plan accordingly. Now is the time to set higher goals and plan ambitious campaigns.

Go through the list of your marketing bottlenecks and see what can be outsourced to the bot. List things you wanted to do for a while but did not have the resources for. Chances are, your website chatbot can step in and transform your marketing operations.

Make sure to track usage and data

Chatbit has a convenient backend with all the conversations that take place on your site. Always designate a time to analyze how your visitors are using the chatbot because that’s what will give you the best marketing ideas!

Set goals and KPIs

You know how important knowing your numbers is in marketing - and make sure you know your chatbot’s numbers as well. Average duration of the chat and the length of your conversations, conversion rates, - all of these and many more need to become your chatbot KPIs.

Train your chatbot for the right voice

We offer a lot of tones and voices for our conversational AI, and you can also affect the way it chats by training it with plain text info and document uploads.

The best tone for your website chatbot depends on your customer persona types, their preferences, and values.

The best part about AI chatbots is if you don’t have enough info to build a customer portrait yet, you can use the bot to profile website visitors and get a better idea on how to address them.

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