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December 30, 2023

Chatbot for education

By 2024, AI chatbots have evolved into exceptionally valuable tools for educational institutions and businesses.

Duolingo, for instance, has been famous for pioneering the use of chatbots. Their latest Duolingo Max addition uses GPT4 for language-learning games:

Even though website chatbots will benefit any business in any industry, they are especially helpful in education and e-learning. Let’s go over all the major ways you can use chatbots on education websites.

Benefits of AI Сhatbots in the education industry

Student and parent support

Chatbots can provide instant, 24/7 support to students, answering queries and providing information even outside of typical school hours. 

Chatbots can also handle a large volume of queries simultaneously, which is great for large institutions or online learning platforms with a high number of students.

You can train your chatbot to provide reference information to students and parents, repurpose knowledgebase and help materials, and a lot more. Modern AI chatbots like Chatbit are cheap, smart, and can help take the burden off human resources in education.

Personalized learning experience

AI chatbots can be trained to provide personalized learning experiences. They can adapt to the learning pace and style of each student, offering customized resources and guidance. You can train Chatbit by providing .pdf, .doc, .docx, and .txt files - those can be syllabi, textbooks, and other learning materials.

Chatbots are especially useful for language learning. They can engage students in interactive conversations, helping them practice and improve their language skills in a safe and supportive environment. Chatbit supports over 80 languages, so a chatbot bubble on any page of your website can become a full-time language teacher.

Most of the time AI chatbot integrations are complex and require custom coding to work in messengers and student backends - but adding Chatbit to your website is extremely easy, so you can start with that!

Lead generation

Every pricing level of Chatbit allows you to run lead-generation campaigns on your website. The chatbot will get the contact info from your visitors and store it for you in the backend:

You can get creative with lead generation, because you can create several chatbots and add them to different pages of your site. Experiment with blog posts and informational pages for different audiences. Have a chatbot tuned for each audience on each of the pages and see which one performs the best, then double down on that.

A lead generation chatbot on an educational website is an amazingly effective way to recruit students, get in touch with parents, and hire educators.

Marketing and sales

An AI chatbot on your educational website can help you with marketing campaigns - for instance, encourage visitors to post things to social media, take part in contests, refer friends and a lot more. 

Conversational AI is capable of calling people to action without being pushy or fake, so you can leverage that in your promotional efforts.

Based on the conversation, a chatbot can recommend certain courses and programs you’re trying to push, and it can mention any ongoing discounts to your website visitors.

Help with administrative tasks

Chatbots can also play a great role in administrative tasks, such as enrollment and scheduling. 

They can provide students with information on course availability, deadlines, and requirements. 

All of that reduces the need for manual administration thus cutting your costs.

Data on students and prospects

AI chatbots can provide educators with valuable insights into student performance and engagement. 

They can track and analyze student interactions, highlighting areas where students may be struggling and need additional support.

More than that, an AI chatbot on your website can give you a better idea of the preferences and interests of your target audiences. 

Chatbit lets you browse all past conversations and see what interactions your website visitors are having with the bot:

Promote inclusivity

AI chatbots can help to create a more inclusive learning environment. 

Chatbit supports over 80 languages and can sustain a meaningful and helpful conversation in all of them. 

This makes sure that all students, regardless of their native language, can access the information they need no matter what their level of English is.

Build community

A chatbot can engage your students to be more active online and offline by suggesting community events, social media groups, and other community-building activities.

How to add a chatbot on your educational website

With modern no-code chatbot solutions, adding a chatbot to your educational website is extremely easy. 

We’ve designed Chatbit so that it can get ready to go within minutes.

Sign up to Chatbit, pick your pricing level (the free chatbot plan is fully functional), and train your chatbot. 

There is a base prompt that provides the initial instructions for the bot, and there are sources for future answers - they can come from plain text, documents, questions & answers, and URLs.

Another great option Chatbit offers is to select the AI “temperature” to either make the chatbot more creative or more precise and accurate:

Once you’re done training and customizing your chatbot, just click “Share” and export your chatbot as an iframe or a script.

If you still have questions about anything or are wondering if Chatbit is right for your educational website, get in touch with us!


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