Chatbot costs - subscription plans and discounts

December 27, 2023

Chatbot costs and pricing

As a business owner, you may be willing to get an AI chatbot on your website, but the direct and hidden costs seem confusing.

Let’s go over the major price-forming factors and the types of chatbots and their costs.

Pricing for chatbots can vary widely depending on the type of a chatbot and several other factors. These include the sophistication, the number of interactions it's designed to handle, the chatbot APIs it uses, the volume of conversations it can handle, and many more. 

First things first, there are free website chatbots that can bring a lot of value to you and your business. Chatbit offers a very generous free plan that can last you a while and boost your revenue - if you set it and train it the right way.

If your needs are relatively complex, you might need to invest in a higher-tier chatbot subscription that offers in-depth customization and advanced features. These can cost anywhere from $100 a month to hundreds or even thousands of dollars per month for comprehensive enterprise solutions.

Another factor to consider is whether you'll need professional services to implement and maintain your chatbot. If you're working with an agency, implementation costs can range from $1,000 to $10,000 or more, depending on the scope of the project. Then there might be ongoing costs related to updates, monitoring, and improvements.

If, on the other hand, you work with an intuitive and agile website chatbot solution like Chatbit, you will save a lot of money by implementing the bot yourself, which is an amazing option for small businesses.

Let’s go over all our plans.

Chatbit subscription costs explained

Free Chatbit - 0€/month

The free version of Chatbit gets you one chatbot on your website and 500 monthly messages.

“One chatbot” in terms of our pricing is one instance of a chatbot with specific settings, training, tone of voice, simple embeddable code, and a section with logs. 

You can do a lot with one chatbot like that - and the moment you want to repurpose and re-train it - you can just go into the settings and tweak them accordingly:

The free version lets you have the chatbot produce 500 responses - and it’s definitely enough to get an idea of what it can do - and even more importantly, what our customers want.

If you go through the logs of the 500 messages the free chatbot has produced in all conversations, you will surely have a lot of valuable data on your customers, their needs, and pain points. This is extremely useful

There are even ways to get a free version of Chatbit to boost your revenue - if you’re creative enough! Say, you install the chatbot on a Shopify store, and instruct Chatbot to push several product deals whenever it’s not sure what to say. If 500 people get a polite reply with a suggestion to contact support AND check out the deals you currently run - this can mean 10 more purchases with a 2% conversion rate.

The free Chatbit version also allows you to capture leads that you can export in a CSV file to use anywhere else.

Chatbit Core subscription - 19€/month

The next subscription level is “Core” - and it gets you 5K monthly messages, up to two chatbots active at the same time, the option to capture leads, and GPT4 support.

GPT-4, sparks noteworthy advancements in the AI website chat tech. This version outdoes its predecessor, GPT-3.5, by offering better performance in fields like mathematics, logic, and various testing scenarios. What sets GPT-4 apart from earlier versions is the unique ability to produce highly human-like texts and images from diverse inputs. This spans from answering complex questions to creating jokes or even writing essays. 

GPT-4 accommodates both text and image inputs, offering multimodal outputs in return. Examples of this include generating recipes based on pictures from your fridge or describing what an image displays for visually impaired people.

A remarkable advancement present in GPT-4 is an in-built sense of ethics. This improvement gives the AI the ability to prevent generating harmful or misleading responses. Overall, GPT-4 is a stellar testament to OpenAI's commitment to creating beneficial AI systems.

Chatbit Growth subscription - €99/month

The Growth version of our chatbit subscription lets you produce 20K messages per month, have 5 chatbots with different settings run at the same time, generate leads, use GPT4, and remove the “powered by Chatbit” text.

This level of Chatbit subscription is great for growing companies that want to preserve their branding through all channels of customer communication

Chatbit Enterprise - €399/month

In addition to all the features that cheaper subscriptions have, the Enterprise level lets you host the chatbot on custom domains and use your own OpenAI API keys.

This plan is tailored for large businesses and enterprises that want to have full control and flexibility over their chatbots. You can create up to 10 chatbots with different objectives and have up to 50K conversations per month. 

The exclusive custom domain and API key features let produce robust and fully customized solutions using Chatbit, taking care of any custom integration imaginable.

If the Chatbit pricing table is still unclear to you, or you want a feature that you think we’ve missed - please get in touch with us, we’ll be happy to learn your needs and use the feedback to improve our product!

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